The Trouble Bike Week can bring and the solutions Daniel Selwa can bring!

The tourist season has already begun in Myrtle Beach so along with tourists, there will also be thousands of bikers present this month. Although there has been recent debate about the dates of Bike week this year, it is reported to start as early as this week this year and extend as late as May 28th. According to the Sun News, Bike week may produce one of the busiest Memorial Day weekends ever! The Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson dealer’s Cruisin the Coast Rally is already scheduled to extend into Memorial Day this year for the first time ever.

It is certain that bikers are already starting to trickle into Myrtle Beach.  With the rising number of people coming to Myrtle Beach there will be definitely be safety concerns for locals and visitors alike. In fact, the City of Myrtle Beach this last year tried to put a stop to the rallies due to the increase of traffic accidents. When the city was not able to end the biker rallies, the city tried to place restrictions on the bikers.  However, the restriction requiring bikers to wear helmets was not passed and is not in effect currently.  Just last year, during Biker Week, a drunk driver killed biker Rocky Huneycutt. Mr. Hardee was driving a pick up truck and failed to yield to oncoming traffic. Also, in news last year, two bikers were involved in a deadly wreck where Robert Dew was killed.

It is the City’s hope as well as mine that there will be no injuries or fatalities this year during Bike Week.  But, attorney Daniel Selwa is here to help bikers as well as non-bikers who become involved in traffic accidents. The theory of liability most commonly used for personal injury is negligence. Courts do not measure negligence by whether the act is intentional but whether a person failed to use reasonable care under the circumstances. Therefore, the plaintiff seeking recovery must show that the other party, the defendant owed a duty of care and violated that duty of care and that there was a direct relationship between the accident and the injury. Automobile drivers owe a duty of care when operating their vehicles.  Automobile drivers must operate the vehicle at a reasonable rate of speed, keep the vehicle under proper control as well as anticipate situations that could result in an accident.

If you are involved in a traffic accident and suffer personal injury, you may be able to recover for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium (loss of the company of your spouse) and in some cases even property damage.  Daniel Selwa is experienced in personal injury cases and can help you recover what you deserve.



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