Do you need a lawyer?

Often times, people are unsure or nervous about contacting an attorney. More times than not, people think that attorneys aren’t approachable. It’s easy to forget that attorneys are people just like you, they engage in the practice of law to pursue their lifelong passion and support their families. The media has a lot to do with how attorneys are portrayed and since they do indeed have such a big role in our society, they are often talked about in news coverage or shown as characters in television shows.

But, I am here to tell you, most attorneys pursue law because they want to make a difference in the area of law and they truly do care about their clients. The practice of law isn’t something you can just pick up and do, it requires an undergraduate degree, a juris doctorate degree and admission to a state bar. The necessary school and training on average takes about 7-8 years. That’s a lot of time to dedicate to something if you aren’t really in it for the right reasons.

Most importantly when evaluating whether or not you should hire an attorney and who that attorney should be, make the decision that feels best to you. Trust your gut. There are varying levels of competent attorneys just as in any profession. Some attorneys are just in it for the money, some are in it for themselves, and others are in it to help others. Talk with several attorneys and make an informed decision.

I found a great article that covers a lot of the basics about attorneys. It discusses what attorneys do, yes it’s true, they don’t just represent clients in the courtroom and it also discusses the qualifications a attorney must possess in order to practice law. For more information about attorneys go to:

I hope you will feel more comfortable about contacting an attorney after reading this entry as well as reviewing the link posted above. Attorneys take an oath to support the Constitution and the Constitution guarantees you your rights. Attorney Daniel Selwa is committed to the practice of law and he will do whatever he can to help you win your case. Daniel Selwa practices all over Horry County and will be happy to speak with you today.

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