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Stricter DUI Laws in SC?

South Carolina ranks among the top of states for DUI related accidents. The number of DUIs in Myrtle Beach is particularly high which can be attributed to the tourist industry locally.

Emma Longstreet was killed last year on New Years Day in a drunk driving accident. Her parents are fighting today to get Emma’s law passed. The law would require a sobriety ignition test, if you blow above a .02, you won’t be able to start your car. The law also would include stricter penalties for repeat offenders. For more information on the tragic death of Emma Longstreet and Emma’s law, check out:

Most people I have met admit that they have driven drunk at one point in their lives. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it just means, you made a bad mistake. Fortunately, the law recognizes this and your punishment for a DUI can be mitigated with counsel. If you go up against the law by yourself, you may face the worst case scenario penalties. However, if you contact Daniel Selwa, the opposite may result. Contact Daniel Selwa today for a free consultation regarding your case.

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Myrtle Beach Drug Charge Attorney



Conway Drug Possession Attorney — Marijuana Possession Defense

Drug possession and other drug charges come with the possibility of harsh punishments if convicted, including jail time, prison time, fines and probation. You may also be disqualified from certain jobs and/or student programs offered, as well as possibly losing your driving privileges. If you are facing drug charges in Myrtle Beach or surrounding areas of South Carolina, it is critical to have an aggressive criminal defense attorney on your side.

At the law firm of Daniel A. Selwa, II, Attorney At Law, L.L.C., in Myrtle Beach, I am committed to helping my clients get a second chance. I understand that good people sometimes find themselves in bad situations. I will work diligently to protect your rights and minimize the impact these charges have on your rights and your reputation.

Not sure where to turn after your drug arrest? For a free consultation with me, call my office at 843-450-7566.

Skilled Defense Against Drug Charges

I defend clients against charges involving a variety of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine and illegally obtained prescription drugs. Whether you are facing charges of drug possession, drug trafficking or the possession of drug paraphernalia, it is important to realize that you face significant legal consequences.

Investigating the Legality of Your Arrest

In order to search your vehicle, including the glove box and trunk, police officers must have a valid search warrant. If proper procedures were not followed during your arrest, the evidence against you may not be permitted at trial.

Contact a Myrtle Beach Drug Charges Attorney

The most important thing to do after a drug arrest is to contact a lawyer. At this time, the police are not your friends and are not looking to do you any favors. To learn more about how I can help you fight back against drug charges, contact me today for a free consultation.

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